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  • January 14, 2018 12:04 AM | Steve Nelson (Administrator)

    Just passing along this information regarding the Exclusion Zone encompassing the Montecito Mudslides. As of now there is no practical or legal way of traversing the affected area. You'll know it when you get to it. Stay away until it is opened to traffic. Here is the official notice

    EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: In order to facilitate ongoing rescue and recovery efforts in Montecito and the surrounding areas, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff has declared a PUBLIC SAFETY EXCLUSION ZONE pursuant to CA Penal Code 409.5(a). This includes the area west of Sheffield Drive/East Valley Road/Ladera Lane, east of Olive Mill/Hot Springs Road, north of the ocean, and south of the U.S. Forest Service boundary. Please stay out of this area so that rescuers can do their jobs. 

  • December 27, 2017 1:15 PM | Steve Nelson (Administrator)

    Those of you who purchased Voler shorts this time here is something you should know: We offer two levels of bib shorts, Sola FS Pro and the upgraded Milano FS Pro. They are not labeled as such but they are easy to tell apart. Solano has a more solid, uniform fabric while Milano is lighter weight and has a distinctive crosshatched pattern. Milano also has a somewhat tighter and more compressive fit.

    What you need to know is that under normal conditions Milano will not hold up as well as Solano; it is designed as an event-wear garment, not actually intended for everyday use. Solano is intended for everyday riding, training and such, and should hold up quite well.

    Proper care would be: Machine wash delicate using a simple, fragrance-free detergent; hang dry. The Milano fabric is less robust and should be washed soon after use so your sweat (or whatever) doesn't degrade it; don't let it sit in the hamper festering for a week!

    If you have questions or any problems with your kit don't hesitate to contact Voler directly.

  • August 03, 2017 3:27 PM | Anonymous

    Echelon is instituting a new structured training ride on Sunday mornings departing at 8.35 from East Beach, coached by Jim Garwood.

    This ride is moderately fast but less competitively-minded than the standard 8.30 ride.

    It is appropriate for new riders who ride regularly and those seeking to learn advanced group riding skills. The emphasis on steady pacing also makes it perfect for veteran riders who are additional miles without threshold type efforts.

    Full details on the "ride" page.

  • October 24, 2016 5:41 AM | Mike Suding (Administrator)

    After you get your email from Voler saying you have a credit...

    Click the link below and login with your same email address that you use with the Echelon website.

    Link to clothing store on

    Pick out your clothing and proceed all the way to the checkout screen. You'll see a button to "apply" your $70 credit.

  • March 03, 2016 2:30 PM | WILLIAM SARGENT (Administrator)

    We are thrilled to announce our support of the Riviera Youth Bike Team and their May 14th RYBT Gibraltar Challenge.  More information can be found on the RYBT Facebook page (, and we look forward to having Coach Zack Bertjes speak at our next club meeting in April (date TBD, stay tuned!)

  • November 23, 2015 10:16 AM | WILLIAM SARGENT (Administrator)

    Thanks to everyone who's joined Echelon for 2016!  Membership is up over 30% from 2015, and we are excited about the coming year.  The initial clothing order is now in process; if you are part of this order your kit will arrive around January 18 and will ship to your home, except for socks, which will be available at upcoming Echelon events or can be picked up at Hazard's after the new year (date TBA).  If you missed this order, do not despair!  The Team Store will be reopening next week, your jersey credit is still available, and as soon as we have a large enough order we will submit again to Voler (probably January / February, clothing will ship in March/April).  If you haven't yet joined, it's not too late!  Join Here

    Finally, The Board would like to extend a special thanks you to our 2016 sponsors, who are vital to making our club and the Juniors Racing Program successful.  Please support our sponsors and let them know how much we appreciate them!

    Silver Air

    Ferrel's Chiropractic

    Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch

    Home Improvement Center

    Stinner Frameworks

    Jones Precision Wheels

    Hayashida & Associates

    Santa Barbara Cycling

    Pier To Peak

    Nite Moves

    Hazard's Cyclesport 

  • October 19, 2015 8:52 PM | Mike Suding (Administrator)

    It was a great weekend for Echelon Cycling!

    First, we absolutely owned the course at the SB100 (formerly the Santa Barbara Century), placing riders on the podium in several categories for the Gibraltar Wealth Management Challenge (a 7 mile time trial up Gibraltar Road). Echelon riders Bob Miller placed third, Stacia Young placed second, and Robert Elmore placed first in their respective classes, and Echelon won the team classification by over 27 minutes!

    Best of all, Elite Juniors Ruben Saatjian, Kieran Hook and Case Regan went 1-2-3 in the Men's under 18 class, Ruben placed 4th overall with a blistering time of 39:25, and finished the full 100 miles in a ninth best overall time of 5:28:30. That's an average of over 18mph with over 9,000' of climbing, folks!

    Cadet Juniors Bhodi Harper and Aiden Middleton also finished the 34 mile ride 4th and 5th for the under 18 age group (not bad at 9 and 12 years old!)


    Sunday was our annual club picnic, and we were lucky enough to have our Voler clothing rep there for kit fitting and demo, another great event. Which brings us to the subject at hand...

    2016 membership enrollment is now online!

    Go to 2016 dues are $125.00, which includes a credit for a free jersey and socks. Please renew your membership ASAP (before October 24th if possible), as we need to get our clothing order placed.

    Clothing orders for 2016 will also be online through the Echelon/Voler Team Store. Please read the clothing ordering section of our website carefully, the bottom line is this: after you pay your membership fee we will supply your e mail address to Voler, who will send you a confirming e mail that your membership is valid and your credit is ready to use. Please wait to receive this e mail before ordering clothing through the Echelon/Voler Team Store, or your credit will not be applied. Clothing will ship direct to you, orders received before November 16th will be delivered by second week in January. Socks are still supplied by the team. One pair is included in your membership, additional pairs are $8.00.

    Remember, Echelon Cycling is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit, and your dues support our Junior's racing program that's helping develop these amazing young athletes.

    We need your help!

    Finally, we're still looking for new members and local business/charitable sponsors for 2015-16. Anyone securing a $500 sponsorship gets a free membership, please e mail the club at this address if you have a sponsorship opportunity.

    We are very excited about the club, and you are the biggest part of making us successful.

    See you all on the road!

    Bill Sargent

    Membership and Clothing Coordinator

  • October 16, 2015 6:09 AM | Mike Suding (Administrator)

    Fall 2015

    We are fortunate to live here on the beautiful central coast region of Santa Barbara. What with the nearly relentless good weather, (till now anyway; we'll see what the future brings), beautiful mountains, the Pacific ocean, low density but high culture – it is only the cost of real estate that keeps us from drowning in our own smugness. That and the always imminent earthquakes, fires and persistent drought.

    We cyclists feel especially privileged. All of the above, plus decent roads, varied terrain, a variety of rides to choose from almost any day of the week, sufficient bike shops to cover most of our needs and an avid cycling community make this a great place to live and ride.

    If the many informal rides available here prove inadequate (Worlds, Vieja Valley Saturday, Echelon, Sunday, Denise's Noon, Saturday Lake), or the ones you put together yourself or with friends, start to get boring there are alternatives nearby. Just in this month or so there are a few notable rides that might test your strength, endurance and capacity to suffer: Westlake Village Century, Barney Berglund Memorial Ride, SB100, Nosco.

    Last weekend (October 3) I tried a relatively new event, the Westlake Village Century. Only an hour's drive or less from here it covers many of the beautiful roads featured the (upcoming) Mike Nosco Memorial Ride (November 3 every year), and the mighty Mulholland Challenge in the spring. Descending Potrero Road, the PCH through Malibu, Encinal, Mulholland, Latigo – some of the best riding anywhere is found in the climbs and descents of the Santa Monica Mountains. The roads are fantastic, the views are killer and the traffic is not bad – especially if you start before 7 am as we did.

    I went down there alone as no one seemed interested in this pretty tough ride and the very early start. C'mon people! It's not very far and you're already 20 miles into before you're really awake! As I started out, expecting to fall in with a group as usually happens on centuries, I met Jonathan, a local rider, and off we went. This turned out to be a good thing. He was very familiar with the course – not that it was at all tricky, just not very well marked – and we never really came across any other groups of like-minded riders. Maybe it was the early start, low numbers on a long course, but we passed few riders and were eventually overtaken by some, like Fastrak Dave and his people. It was great to have the company of a strong rider. We were pretty evenly matched; he could really motor on the flats and fly down hill (knowing the roads helps), and I was better on the climbs, especially on the final big climb, Latigo Canyon. (Not too steep but quite long.) We were lucky that the weather turned out to be pretty mild (early start helped there, too.)

    Registration was easy on the day although for $125 the swag was minimal, as was the one rest stop we visited – the last one at the base of Latigo, had water, pb&j, some kind of bar and a toilet and that was it. I think the other stops were sponsored so maybe they were better. I think for that kind of fee there might be timing; they had a KOM/QOM through Strava – maybe that's the new way. They was SAG by way of the yellow Mavic support motos and cars which was comforting. There was a decent Mexican lunch at the start/finish at the Stonehaus there in Westlake Village, your registration earned you a beer or a wine; they were nice enough to give me a refill!

    An excellent day of riding, 104 miles of a great course, 9200 feet of climbing, done in just under 6.5 hours in good company. A similar profile to our own upcoming SB100, and a good warmup, though somehow not quite as hard. Sure, I'd do it again, and I hope I'll have a little more company next time!

    By the time you're reading this the 2015 SB100 (formerly the Santa Barbara Century – same course, new management) will have already happened. I hope the weather was good – you never know this time of year! - and that you all enjoyed this year's sufferfest. No matter how many times you do it, getting yourself over Gibraltar Road is never easy, and when you're climbing it at mile fifty of one hundred and you're wearing a timing chip and trying to do something a little extra for Team Echelon, well, that makes it particularly special. Still, for me, and I know I'm not alone in this, the hardest climb of this very challenging century isn't Toro, or Ladera, or even Gib. It is most definitely that final ascent up Cliff Drive to The Mesa, just before the finish, after the incredibly long drag from Goleta, that makes me want to...want to what? Quitting at mile 99 isn't an option. Makes me want to finish the damned thing, have my beer and bbq and get ready for the next one!

    See you on the road to hell!

    Steve Nelson is a not-so-serious cyclist who supports his two-wheeled indulgences by working as a production sound mixer in Hollywood (wherever that may be). If you want to find out what that means get next to him on a ride – he's on the black on white with blue Cervélo. Steve is on the Board of Directors of Echelon, happy to be making Echelon a better club. His latest purchase is a Stinner gravel bike – steel is real..different than it used to be; he is really excited to get out there and get it dirty!

Echelon Santa Barbara is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. P.O. Box 30846, Santa Barbara, CA 93130